Monday, March 24, 2008

Intralink: Who's Logged In?

A PTC/User post of mine from May 2002:

Use this sql query as a privileged user to list intralink users who have logged into the dataserver:

  col un format A15 heading 'User Name'
col mn format A15 heading 'Host Name'
col lt format A10 heading 'Login Date'
col lc format 999999999 heading 'Last Cmd (Sec)'
from v$session where SCHEMANAME='PDM';
The 'Status' column will show 'ACTIVE' or 'INACTIVE', with 'ACTIVE' indicating that there is ongoing sql activity (i.e. Search, Checkout, Checkin, etc.). The 'Last Cmd...' column shows the number of seconds since the last sql command issued by the client. It's only updated every three seconds.

An entry will appear immediately when the user logs in, and will disappear immediately when the user logs out. The entry will remain even if the client license on your FlexLM license server has timed out.

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